Clinical Programs in IOM

 Clinical Programs will be held mainly on Apr 17th (Mon). Then, Japanese clinical doctors can attend these continuously from the Sunday programs.

IOM and JSM joint session

 A joint session of the IOM and JSM (Japanese Society for Mycoplasmology) will be held on Sunday, July 16, 2023, the first day of the Congress. The theme of the session is "Diverse Spectrum of Mycoplasma Infections". This session focuses on various mycoplasma infections and aims to provide an overview of their diversity.
 Topics are mycoplasma infections in the fields of urology, obstetrics and gynecology, veterinary medicine, mycoplasma testing methods, and phytoplasma infections. We could overview mycoplasma and phytoplasma infections under the viewpoint of "One Health". We are asking leading top scientists as speakers to this joint session.
 We are looking forward to your participation.

Diverse Spectrum of Mycoplasma Infections

14:30 - 17:30, Sunday, July 16, 2023
Chair: Itaru Yanagihara/ Tsuyoshi Kenri


1Ourlad Alzeus G. Tangtengco,
University of the Philippines Manila
Potential role of mycoplasmas in the pathogenesis of human urologic diseases
2Ken B. Waites,
University of Alabama
Laboratory detection of Mycoplasma genitalium infections and their clinical significance in women and neonates
3Satoshi Gondaira,
Rakuno Gakuen University
Mycoplasma (Mycoplasmopsis) bovis infections in veterinary medicine
4Kensaku Maejima,
University of Tokyo
Phytoplasmas: Plant pathogenic mycoplasma-like organisms
5Kazuhiro Matsuda,
M Bio Technology Inc.
Diagnostic methods and solutions of mycoplasma infections overlooked by having a diverse spectrum