Awardees in the IOM2023 congress

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About IOM Awards

The Emmy Klieneberger-Nobel Award

Made in honor of Emmy Klieneberger-Nobel and is given in recognition of outstanding contributions in research in the field of mycoplasmology.

Alan W. Rodwell (1980), Joseph G. Tully (1982), Joseph-Marie Bove (1984), Shmuel Razin (1986), David Taylor-Robinson (1988), Paul F. Smith (1990), Wallace A. Clyde (1992), Robert F. Whitcomb (1994), Shlomo Rottem (1996), Dennis Pollack (1998), Joel Baseman (2000), Richard Herrmann (2002), Kim Wise (2004), Gail H. Cassell (2006), Ake Wieslander (2008), Shigetou Namba (2010), Robert E. Davis (2012), Assunta Bertaccini (2014), Ken B. Waites (2016), Joachim Frey (2018), Duncan Krause (2021)

The Derrick Edward Award

Made in memory of D.G. ff. Edward and is given in recognition of outstanding contributions in research in the field of mycoplasmology by young investigators entering the field of mycoplasmology.

Gail H. Cassell (1980), Christopher J. Howard (1982), Kim S. Wise (1984), Leigh R. Washburn (1986), Kevin J. Hackett (1988), Enno Jacobs (1990), Joel Renaudin (1992), Kevin Dybvig (1994), Alain Blanchard (1996), Makoto Miyata (1998), David Yogev (2000), Cécile M. Bébéar (2002), Daniel Brown (2004), Philip F. Markham (2006), Mitchell F. Balish (2008), Pascal Sirand-Pugnet (2010), Saskia A. Hogenhout (2012), Carole Lartigue (2014), Maria Lluch-Senar (2016), Rohini Chopra-Dewasthaly (2018), Brad Spiller (2021)

The Peter Hannan Award

Given in recognition of outstanding research achievements in the field of applied clinical mycoplasmology and is made in honor of Peter C. Hannan. Dr. Hannan made major contributions to this specific discipline within mycoplasmology, particularly in the area of establishing methods for assessing the sensitivity of animal mycoplasmas to antimicrobial drugs.

Fanrong Kong (2004), Ken B. Waites (2006), Jorgen S. Jensen (2008), Patrica Totten (2010), Li Xiao (2012), Cécile Bébéar (2014), Sabine Pereyre (2016), Lisa Manhart (2018), Roger Dumke (2021)

The Robert F. Whitcomb Award

Made in 2008 to honor Robert F. Whitcomb, whose lifetime contributions in plant and insect mycoplasmology were instrumental in the development of the discipline. The award is given in recognition of outstanding research achievements in the field of plant and insect mycoplasmology.

Marc Breton (2008), Fabien Labroussa (2010), Ing-Ming Lee (2014), Yan Zhou (2018), Chih-Horng Kuo (2021)

The IOM Founders Award (Board of Directors Award prior to 2016)

Made to recognize outstanding group or individual efforts that promote the aims, objectives, or activities of the IOM, or contribute to advances in the science of mycoplasmology.

Joseph M. Bové (1982), Michael F. Barile, Leonard Hayflick and Osamu Kitamoto (1984), Eyvind A. Freundt (1988), Wallace A. Clyde, Jr. (1990), Joseph G. Tully (1994), Janet M. Bradbury and Janet A. Robertson (1996), Richard Herrmann (1998), Christiane Bébéar (2000), Richard F. Ross (2002), Shmuel Razin (2004), Dennis Pollack (2006), David and Helena Windsor (2008), Shlomo Rottem (2010), Ken B. Waites and John L. Glass (2012), Roger Ayling (2016), Christine Citti (2018), Dan Brown (2021)

The Louis Dienes Award

Made in memory of Louis Dienes. This award is given to recognize an outstanding poster in mycoplasmology by an author who is a postdoctoral fellow and who obtained the Ph.D. degree no more than five years previously.

A. M. Collier (1988), Chris Minion (1992), Makoto Miyata (1994), Phillip Markham (1996), Chisato Ushida (1998), Shintaro Seto (2000), Thirumalai Kannan (2002), Miriam Hopfe (2004), Rohini Chopra-Dewasthaly (2006), Meghan May (2008), Daisuke Nakane (2010), Maria Lluch-Senar (2012), Ruben S. Rosales (2014), Benjamin Raymond (2016), Luis García Morales (2018), Takuma Toyonaga (2021)

The Harry Morton Student Award

Made to honor Harry Morton and is given in recognition of an outstanding poster presentation in mycoplasmology by a graduate student at a regular Congress of the IOM.

Christine Citti (1988), Rima Youil (1990), Rajmer Mauer (1992), Tanja Jarhede (1994), Jorg T. Regula (1998), Anja Persson (2000), Jacob D. Jaffe (2002), Benjamin M. Hasselbring (2004), Stephanie Iverson-Cabral (2006), Jeffrey Bolland (2008), Sebastian R. Schmidl (2010), Oliver A. Prince (2012), Zigmunds Orlovskis (2014), Ana M. Mariscal (2016), James Pelletier (2018), Hana Kiyama (2021)

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