Welcome Letter

Welcome to IOM2023

The congresses of the International Organization for Mycoplasmology (IOM) have been held 23 times around the world. They gave critical impacts on Mycoplasmology by bringing together Mycoplasmologists (including all researchers of class Mollicutes bacteria) for information exchange and policy making. Regarding each Mycoplasmologist, the time spent at the congress had special meaning, and sometimes a critical influence for his or her research life. Unfortunately, we could not hold the "Real" IOM congress for five years due to COVID-19, but hopefully the dream will come true in July 2023. The Local organizing committee (LOC) will work hard to prepare for the IOM congress, which is special because it is the congress after five years interval and under the information technology advanced by COVID-19. LOC hopes that more people from more countries will attend the congress and enjoy five days of dream for Mycoplasmologists, in the heart of Osaka, a safe, exciting and reasonable city.

Makoto Miyata
Chair of the local organizing committee

Makoto Miyata

Invitation Video by Makoto Miyata

Invitation video to all Mycoplasmologists (Mollicutes researchers) over the world. Let's enjoy five day's dream in Osaka.

Greeting by IOM Chair Steven J. Geary

Welcome to IOM 2023