Presentation instruction (Poster, Oral)

Oral presentation

All speakers
• Bring your PowerPoint file in a USB memory with you. Slide format 4:3 is better for the projector than 16:9. Check availability of your file before your session. PowerPoint in Windows 10 will be provided. Mac system is also available for backup. Please discuss with us in advance if you need special setting.
• Standard, clear, and not fast English is recommended. Nonnative speakers check pronunciation of individual words. We remember that many participants are not native for English speaking.
Speakers for special lectures
• You will get bells at 10 min before your assigned time.
• Presentation will be shared by IOM members through YouTube streaming and video. The links will provided later.
Speakers for standard sessions
• 15 min including 3 min questions.
• You will get bells at 10, 12, and 14 min.
• Be ready in a next speaker's seat in the preceding talk.

Poster presentation

• Posters are exhibited in the medium hall for three days (17–19 July).
• Poster panels are in portrait format (width: 900 mm; height: 2,100 mm)
• Exhibit your poster on an assigned panel.
• Include the abstract number in the upper left.
• Include the presenter’s photo in the upper right corner (recommended).
• Include the abstract for better understanding without presenter.
• In poster session, you try to explain to larger numbers of audience for efficiency. Poster panels will be removed in 20th morning.
Please remove your poster from panel before 6:15 pm on 19th.

(*Panel image)